Well, hello there. I’m Brea Janea. Most people just call me Brea.. or Bre for those who, for some odd reason, can’t pronounce my name. Call me whatever you want though, as long as it’s not “broke”. Haha, no seriously. A lot of people consider the word budget a bad thing. Chris Brown for example “I work too hard to be ballin’ on a budget.” Me, myself.. I actually work very hard and will always ball on a budget. Why? Let’s be honest, you don’t have to spend thousands on everything you wear to look stylist and trendy. I love pairing my Gucci belt with my $10 jeans from H&M. Or My Louis Vuitton purse with my thrifted outfit. Or my FreePeople jeans with my Target button up. You get the point. You can be bougie on a budget. So welcome to my blog, where I’ll share how I style my outfits according to my budget, my new expensive/inexpensive pick ups, thrifting, DIYs, & whatever else comes to my mind. Enjoy and stay tuned. 💲💲💲