What’s in my MCM mini backpack?

I’ve been obsessing over mini backpacks lately. I think they’re the perfect accessory for when you want to carry a purse but aren’t in the mood for anything too big and bulky. Of course I’d prefer the LV but it’s always sold out (anddddd I can’t afford it.. yet lmao) But I saw this MCM Mini Stark Backpack and fell in love. Now I have to admit, I’m not the biggest fan of MCM.. I have my reasons. But the size and color of this one is what caught my eye. Now I know a lot of people see how tiny this backpack is and assume it doesn’t hold much but trust me… looks can be deceiving.

Here’s some of my everyday items you’ll find inside my MCM Mini Stark BackPack:

Of course I ALWAYS have my iPhone XS Max and my apple watch (which I never wear), my Glossier lipstick (OBSESSED) & my Fenty lipstick in Unveil, My passport because you never know when you gotta leave the country girl! Hand sanitizer and the cutest MOSCHINO perfume my bestie got me. Of course my phone charge and my FAVORITE PURCHASE EVERY MY APPLE AIRPODS (I’d die without them) a QL pen and my glasses that I don’t wear much. As you can see, the backpack is tiny but it definitely holds everything you need and them some.

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