Furry Purses

I’ve found my newest favorite fall accessory… furry purses. OMG I’ve literally been obsessing over these cute little furry purses. A first, I was a little scared that these furry purses would look childish (fyi, I hateeee furry slide.. no offense to anyone who wears them though, rock your slides girl!) But I decided to buy one anyway because just look at them! Everyone knows I love carrying my Louis Vuitton Neverfull, literally every day! But sometimes I just prefer something smaller and cute.
I paired this brown furry clutch with my oversized Whitney Houston (RIP) shirt, my wheat Nike’s, some jeans and my teddy bear peacoat. And I know what you guys are wondering, where did I find it? TARGET!!! I definitely think people are sleep when it comes to Target. They have the cutest purses, clothes, shoes, accessories, home decor, everything! This furry clutch was only $21.99 & of course, I picked up the Whitney Houston shirt from Target as well for $12.99.

Processed with VSCO with u3 preset

The green one is my favoriteeeeee and only for $29.99. I love to wear it whether I dressed up in a dress or skirt or jeans and sneakers.  I can’t wait to add more furry purses to my little collection and next time you’re in Target for some ice cream remember to check out the other goodies they have!
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