M o m J e a n s

Bringing back the 90’s with mom jeans!
I mean really who doesn’t love mom jeans? There’s so many ways you can wear them. Dress them up with heels or mules or my go to, sneakers!  I’ve always been obsessed with mom jeans.  But of course, when you’re tiny like me it’s not always easy to find clothes that you like that you can actually fit. And finding the perfect pair of mom jeans have always been a struggle. And with one of my favorite stores for all my skinny girl go-to’s American Apparel closing (boooooo) the struggle is  really real.
Buuuuut lucky for me I was able to find some that fit me, for cheap of course and you wont guess from where! So one day I was shopping in Walmart and with mom jeans on my mind I decided to go take a look at the jeans in the little boys department and not to my surprise I was able to find a pair of jeans for only $13 that would be the perfect jeans to dupe as my mom jeans.  See when you’re tiny like me the little boys section can be your best friend but if you actually have a grown up body then the men section at the thrift store will be perfect for you to find your perfect pair of mom jeans.

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