What’s in my MCM mini backpack?

I’ve been obsessing over mini backpacks lately. I think they’re the perfect accessory for when you want to carry a purse but aren’t in the mood for anything too big and bulky. Of course I’d prefer the LV but it’s always sold out (anddddd I can’t afford it.. yet lmao) But I saw this MCM Mini Stark Backpack and fell in love. Now I have to admit, I’m not the biggest fan of MCM.. I have my reasons. But the size and color of this one is what caught my eye. Now I know a lot of people see how tiny this backpack is and assume it doesn’t hold much but trust me… looks can be deceiving.

Here’s some of my everyday items you’ll find inside my MCM Mini Stark BackPack:

Of course I ALWAYS have my iPhone XS Max and my apple watch (which I never wear), my Glossier lipstick (OBSESSED) & my Fenty lipstick in Unveil, My passport because you never know when you gotta leave the country girl! Hand sanitizer and the cutest MOSCHINO perfume my bestie got me. Of course my phone charge and my FAVORITE PURCHASE EVERY MY APPLE AIRPODS (I’d die without them) a QL pen and my glasses that I don’t wear much. As you can see, the backpack is tiny but it definitely holds everything you need and them some.

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Furry Purses

I’ve found my newest favorite fall accessory… furry purses. OMG I’ve literally been obsessing over these cute little furry purses. A first, I was a little scared that these furry purses would look childish (fyi, I hateeee furry slide.. no offense to anyone who wears them though, rock your slides girl!) But I decided to buy one anyway because just look at them! Everyone knows I love carrying my Louis Vuitton Neverfull, literally every day! But sometimes I just prefer something smaller and cute.

I paired this brown furry clutch with my oversized Whitney Houston (RIP) shirt, my wheat Nike’s, some jeans and my teddy bear peacoat. And I know what you guys are wondering, where did I find it? TARGET!!! I definitely think people are sleep when it comes to Target. They have the cutest purses, clothes, shoes, accessories, home decor, everything! This furry clutch was only $21.99 & of course, I picked up the Whitney Houston shirt from Target as well for $12.99.

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The green one is my favoriteeeeee and only for $29.99. I love to wear it whether I dressed up in a dress or skirt or jeans and sneakers.  I can’t wait to add more furry purses to my little collection and next time you’re in Target for some ice cream remember to check out the other goodies they have!
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What’s better than American Apparel and denim? Denim FROM American Apparel, lol. If you remember in my last post I referred to AA as my “favorite stores for all my skinny girl go-to’s”. My favorite jean from AA is the Pencil Jean. Great denim,  vintage looking, & great fabric.  These jeans run for about $70 which for some may seem a bit pricey but I’ve had these for almost 2 years now and they’re still good as new! American Apparel did recently close all of their stores but lucky for you, you can still shop online here.

I paired my denim on denim outfit with my American Apparel city pouch which I was able to pick up from the crazyyyy sale they had right before closing for about $10. Unfortunately it’s not available on their site now but I was able to find one on Etsy that I linked below! I always loved denim on denim and never thought I’d be able to pull it off myself just admire others outfit but I think it actually turned out pretty cute & pretty CHEAP.

 Also wearing Nike Air-max shoes, H&M denim jacket, & my clothing brand selfish tee shirt.

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M o m J e a n s

Bringing back the 90’s with mom jeans!
I mean really who doesn’t love mom jeans? There’s so many ways you can wear them. Dress them up with heels or mules or my go to, sneakers!  I’ve always been obsessed with mom jeans.  But of course, when you’re tiny like me it’s not always easy to find clothes that you like that you can actually fit. And finding the perfect pair of mom jeans have always been a struggle. And with one of my favorite stores for all my skinny girl go-to’s American Apparel closing (boooooo) the struggle is  really real.

Buuuuut lucky for me I was able to find some that fit me, for cheap of course and you wont guess from where! So one day I was shopping in Walmart and with mom jeans on my mind I decided to go take a look at the jeans in the little boys department and not to my surprise I was able to find a pair of jeans for only $13 that would be the perfect jeans to dupe as my mom jeans.  See when you’re tiny like me the little boys section can be your best friend but if you actually have a grown up body then the men section at the thrift store will be perfect for you to find your perfect pair of mom jeans.

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